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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

How to speak with Confidence?

Hi Samantha, I am struggling with low self confidence and am often afraid to speak out when I'm in a large group of friends or co workers.I feel so terrible. I really need to change this. I love the advice you give. Do you think you can help me be confident ? Thank you :) - Anonymous 

Hi Sweetheart,

* Big Hugs* I know how you feel. Believe me I used to be a introvert for most of my School years. I always thought I had nothing interesting / important to say.It took me a while to get over it and go up to people and interact with them. I took some time to ask people around so that I would have something productive to say. Might I say I am not the most confident person and I myself  have to work on many aspects but I hope these few tips and advice will help you be more confident.Hopefully this will pull you out of your comfort zone and help you do something different. 
  • The number one thing you have to pay attention  to is your body language. Always try to hold your chin parallel to the floor. And be present when your talking. I used to always look down. So put everything away and walk with confidence when you are walking into a room with people :)
  • Second thing is to do things on your own. Don't depend on your family or close friends. Go to the gym alone, or go to a restaurant and eat alone. No one actually cares why your eating alone. Take away that security blanket that you have created for your self :)
  • Peoples spectator. One thing why I was an introvert was that I always felt that I had nothing interesting to say but this gave me a chance to observe people, what they said and how they said things. So learn people :)
  • Learn how to make people feel good by the things you say and do. Just say nice things and be genuine. Confident people are not afraid to compliment others :) 
  • Be Magnetic. Make people want to be around you :)
  • Be Decisive. This is one thing I need to work on. I am so easy going. when Im in a group and some one asks me what i want to eat or what I want o do, i always say , ill have anything or whatever. Being decisive is knowing yourself. so just go ahead and make a decision :)
  • Take compliments and criticism in the same way.  You alone are responsible for your highest high and lowest low. Don't get offensive, it shows that you are nervous. Be a person who is whole and just say thank you :)

So I think I've said a lot. Hope this helps you open up more and interact with others :) 

And for my other readers, Please comment below and let me know what makes you confident and maybe I can learn a bit too .
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Love  ,

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