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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Fairy sketch

A simple sketch that I made of a beautiful fairy. This one was really easy. The main part of this sketch was the shadings.I also photocopied my sketch and shaded it with color, but i like the pencil shading better than the color one.

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Gift box

This is a gift box made of thermacole. first I had to cut pieces of thermacole and then join them together to make the box and then take another piece to make the lid of the box. Then I covered the box with red color paper to make it bright and added some glitter decoration on it. After that I attached a handle to the lid so that u can open the box by pulling the handle. finally attached a beautiful bow on the top.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Dads sketch

A sketch of my Dad. The picture on the left is a photo of my Dad and the one in the right is the sketch I made.I had to do lot of shading to get it to look this same.But anyway my Dad was happy with the way it turned out . I love you Dada.
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New year card

This was a new year card I made for my friend . The roses in the side are painted with acrylic paint and cotted with varnish to give a embossed look to them.
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kitchen painting

This was one of my first paintings . It is done on a 30cm -->×27cm wood. This painting is a simple peice of work that brings colour into the kitchen.

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