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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Quote of the Day ...

Worrying doesn't take away tomorrows troubles,
it takes away today's peace.

How to stay Positive / Letting your inner beauty grow :)

Hi my lovely readers,

True beauty starts within. Its important to do our hair & makeup but its also equally important to fell good inside. Feeling good and staying positive will make you a much more beautiful person than you already are.

Firstly keep your self in a positive environment be it your office, living room etc , in a positive atmosphere. When I walk into a room and see that everything is pretty , clean and organised it instantly makes me feel happy and positive. Maybe you can get a new color on your walls or put quote that inspire you on the walls or pictures of family and friends and make your space beautiful and positive. That also goes for Music, Listening to good music always puts me in a good mood. and also if you have anything negative in your room like a picture of someone you are no longer friends with then put that away, it was in the past.

Next is to nourish yourself well. I feel the biggest difference when I eat well and when I put some effort into make some good food at home rather than eating fast foods.It puts me in a good mood.I have more energy to do things. When you do that your body starts to look good and looking in the mirror instead of saying uff i'm bloated you look and feel amazing, your hair looks good, your skin feels good.Show your body some love and it will come back to you. And drink lots of water.

Third thing is to take care of yourself. Which means getting enough sleep , exercising, and not stressing about things.It will help you have a positive outlook on life . you are the most important thing in you life so take care of yourself.

Fourth is to surround your self with positive people. Nothing is worse than being with someone who is constantly negative and constantly gossiping  and has a problem with everything. This is so toxic on your body and I feel like this breathers a lot of negativity and at he end f he day it is no your responsibility to deal with everyone's negativity. Its important to be a good friend if your friend is obviously going through something.Its important to be there for them but if this person is just being bashful of others and gossiping then its just not necessary. there's so many other things you can fill your mind with.

Finally set goals and make yourself a vision board. Try to do something small everyday to help you reach your goal (
2013/03/how-to-make-your-dreams-come-true.html ) . It is also important to be thankful and grateful for what you have , even if it isn't much and this will also make you fell more appreciative towards life.

Now an overall , general and obvious tip is to just be a good person and be helpful and kind.

Hope this was helpful. Feel free to comment below with your tips to stay positive and also if you have any quotes or inspiring pictures that you would lie to share. 

love you all ♥,

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