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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

How to make your dreams come true?

How to achieve your Goals ?

Most of the time we imagine the things we want to achieve but its hard to make them tangible. We wonder what do I do to get there. So these few steps will help to achieve our goals. Its from a book called "Slight Edge". And you guys must read this book, its kind of life changing. So when you making goals, put them into categories, eg: financial, health and fitness  work, spiritual etc. 

Now start out by writing what you want in each category, eg: health- feel better , deal with depression/mood swings, spiritual - feel close to God, relationships- have a good relationship with family and friends etc..Now you need to set your baby steps to achieve these goals. Make these steps for each day. And let them be easy steps, so that you can easily do it each day ( unless your that lazy). 

Example: Health - Visualize yourself feeling fit ,body and mind each day for a minute, just one minute each day, Spiritual- Listen to inspirational speakers for 5 minutes each day, Only 5 minutes so you stay focused.
At least in each category do baby steps for 2 minutes each day. 

Set goals that are realistic. Not like ,' I'm going to jog for one hour a day and then you give it up in the end because one hour a day is too much for you to do each day. Rather do it for 5 minutes or 15 minutes each day. And after your 15 minutes you can say, ' Yes! I did it. ' Baby steps are very important.

The cool thing about this is that baby steps are actually moving you forward :)

Often after doing baby steps you will feel like doing more , if not then baby steps are fine too as long as its done daily. Remember nothing is "IMPOSSIBLE" :)

Good luck :)

Love ,

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