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Monday, 28 January 2013

New Years ... Plans & resolutions :)

So here we are, Its officially the New Year Wow! Time really does fly , doesn't it? I am so excited for the new years and ready to build beautiful memories for my loved ones and of course you guys.

Some people say,''why bother making Resolutions when you're going to break them anyway?''
 But why set your self for failure already? its said that resolutions are more likely to come true when you write them down, so come on . whether they are small or big, come write them down. Even if you break the resolution , its fine at least you tried :)

Resolutions for 2013

Learn to cook

We live in a world where you can go out and grab ANY kind of food you want when your hungry. Chinese, Italian  Indian,Arabic etc.. and it seems so convenient . But I really love to cook , the problem is I just need to take an effort into finding good recipes and trying them out. I'm often worried about the result before I even start cooking. I will worry about how long its going to take, what if it doesn't turn out right , what if its too spicy, will I have to throw the whole thing out once I've cooked it..... this year I'm going to throw those thoughts away and just start cooking for once . I will learn to cook healthy dishes .oh, I also need to eat healthier :)

Paint Again

Painting used to be something that always relaxed me and allowed me to express my creativity. I will find time to paint thins year . I always wanted an art studio at home and even though I'm not there yet, I would be happy to just lift a paint brush again. :)

Drinking water

I am one of those persons who drink water only when my lips are dry and im really thirsty. As silly as it sounds , I don't find water to be tasty and as a result I prefer to have tea or other alternatives. I know that drinking tea does not make up for the loss of water. Water is vital in flushing out toxins from the body and keeping the skin healthy too. So this year I will be drinking plenty of water. 

Sleep Upright

My most comfortable position to sleep is when i'm sleeping on my side. I know sleeping on the side means i will get more blemishes on my cheeks as the face is in contact with the pillow over and over again causing the bacteria from the pillows to transfer to the face. It's more hygienic to sleep upright . This will take practice but I will try my best . 

Reduce Junk Food

I love eating chocolates. Its  my biggest weaknesses. This not only includes chocolates, its also fast foods like KFC , McDonald etc..  Its so tastyyy and that's what makes it so irresistible. I LOVE it but my skin hates it , all the sodium makes it look puffy and dehydrated. Lets be realistic and cut down on Junk food intake, shall we? 

Attitude Change

I am a super stubborn person and need to change that attitude this year. When it comes to people i'm close to, I always find the need to justify myself . No mater what advice they give me, it might be for my good but I sill argue and justify myself saying that what I did was right. I need to work on this seriously this year. and have a positive approach. 

Praying More 

Although I go to church every Friday, this is not enough to connect spiritually to God. I need to start praying more before making big or small decisions. I will start with Small prayers before and after bed and will try not to loose the bond with God . For He has created this wonderful world we are in and everything in it is his :)


Although Gym may not be for me, doing small exercise daily will really help me stop being lazy :P May be a little Jogging .so tats all... Get my ass of this chair 

Yeah! I'm going to move from this chair now, Have a wonderful year guys and make the most of it .
If you guys have similar resolutions for this year , Fell free to post them below. :)

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