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Friday, 8 February 2013

Joy of painting / Drawing ♥

Painting and drawing used to bring me so much joy .Painting  used to be my escape from the busy world. But these days it seems as if I'm too busy to paint or draw. I guess I lost the motivation. I no longer had classmates around to share my passion. 

Back in high school, i kept on painting because I loved it so much. I love the feeling when your really into something and it drives you to go on. After high school, I knew I wanted to take up Fine Arts because there would be so much more for me to learn. But I chickened out because I knew I needed a degree that would make me more employable. I locked up my passion and took up commerce and accounting ( I still have no idea why I chose it). while my 3 years in university barely taught me anything ( since i hated it). I still loved it because I met wonderful people in the university. All the while I would tell my self " One day, I'll start painting again."

Now few years later, I finally took the plunge to go back to it. Because I haven't done any drawings or paintings in a while, I 've decided to take online painting lessons from a few youtubers. There are so many fine art tutorials on youtube, but these are few of my favourites, creativecolors (, The painting and drawing channel ( ) , Web Art Academy (  ), Free oil painting lessons ( ) . You seriously can learn ANYTHING on youtube. 

I'm only free late in the evenings, so going to actual painting classes would be difficult for me. Being able to sit at home, drawing at my own time is what I need. I'm really excited because I'm finally going back to my childhood passion again. 

I hope 2013 hasn't been too bad for you guys. Remember life is short so do all the things that matter to you . Make the most out of it. Take care everybody and You shall see new drawings soon :)
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Love ♥, 

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